Turf Fertilization & Weed and Insect Control 



    Early Spring 

    We get started right at winter’s end, this is the perfect time to start with an application of Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer. This early nourishment gives your grass a jump start on growing, making it naturally more weed resistant. At this time we also apply a high quality pre-emergent crabgrass weed control product  to prevent these early growing weeds from showing up in your yard. 

    Late Spring

    During late spring we apply another round of Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer, as well as a high quality liquid weed control product that kills a variety of  invasive weeds and plants like broadleafs, dandelions, and clover that sprout as the weather becomes warmer.


    The heat of summer is really stressful on your grass in your lawn, and it is important to keep the lawn nourished with quality fertilizer. So at this time we apply third round of Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer to the grass, as well as another application of liquid  weed control to take care of any remaining unwanted plants.


    By this time of the year most of the unwanted weeds and plants in your yard have be eradicated,  we still apply another round of liquid weed killer to target any unwanted plants that might be starting to grow that blew in from your neighbors yard.   We also at this time a fourth round of Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer to the grass to keep it green and healthy during the summer heat. 


    In the fall we apply another round Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer. This is extremely  important because your grass is stressed from all the dry summer heat. Your turf needs these extra nutrients to be able to recover once the cooler temperatures in Ohio arrive. It is at this time that we offer custom aeration and overseeding for your yard. The Aeration process relieves soil compaction and is very important to help get nutrients and water to penetrate the soil and get down to the roots.


    Once the cooler Ohio temperatures set in we apply the last application of Premium Slow Release Granular Fertilizer, as well as another liquid weed control application.   This will give your lawn the nutrients to stay green and stay healthy while going into dormancy for the winter.   This will make your yard spring to life in the spring and quickly turn dark green and lush.  

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Snow Plowing & Ice Management Service Areas

We provide professional Snow plowing and snow removal & ice removal for residential and commercial clients in the following cities of Northeast Ohio. 
Brimfield, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Kent, Ravenna, Rootstown, Stow, Streetsboro, Tallmadge.